• RP British (English) voice — soft decorous sobriety to
  • Full over-the-top shouty
  • Own studio with ISDN or file transfer

Awards host, out-of-vision announcer, facilitator

  • Energy and engagement are vital for any event.
  • Keeping the audience lively and with-it essential.
  • Tricks-of-the-trade successfully implemented for many years!
  • Not as expensive as a celebrity, but previous clients say just as good, if not better!

Key note speaker. Bespoke just for you or pre-prepared.

  • The intriguingly entitled “CAUTION: REAR STEERING” — taking a look at communicating from the perspective of the target audience. Sounds obvious?
  • “Innovation, by stealing other people’s ideas!” — a talk stolen from someone else. Look around you. No, really look around you. You would be stunned at how great ideas were conceived, developed and became winners.

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